Socky App


Socky is an app adept at developing communication skills Autistic spectrum’s kids.
The entrepreneur, Ofir Harel, searched a better solution to communicate with his autistic son. Through a research suggesting an innovative alternative to common “communication boards”

- socky, an interactive image inputted with conversation scripts. The app interface consists of multiple speech balloons, each of which ensues different scenario. deliberate groups of 3 were assigned by a mentor to sort out parent’s diverged trees of scripted conversation.
For that matter, we drew inspiration from Gmail and Kahoot.

Dashboard view when the parent arrives at the desktop He can see news from the app and recommended trees and trees

the child has run over the course of the day by Geolocation.


starting a new tree​ and there is also a Yes/No question mode

After filling out the question there are multiple answers filling There is only 5 answers allowed.

The parent can also set an SMS trigger on any tree conversation that will be

The parent can add a personal message like: I love you!

The parent can schedule the SMS tree

The parent has colors that states in which mode or state the answers are. 

After filling out the question there is a multiple answer filling​  |  Tel: 054-4887657

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