Whizar provides an innovative B2B SaaS flight reservation system for flight booking websites. 

When a travel agency books a plane ticket, the system uses AI algorithms to predict fluctuations in the ticket's price. If the system predicts a price decrease, it postpones the booking until the price is at its lowest. By booking tickets when prices are low,

the system helps travel agencies save money.

The product


Our product is a dashboard that provides an overview of all the agency's bookings handled by Whizar.


To allow travel agents to monitor and follow up on their agencies bookings.

In other words, we enable them to view the bookings handled by Whizar and carry out basic modifications, such as cancelling the bookings,

changing of origin and destination or changing the customer's name.


• To view the booking status anytime. 

• To be able to modify (cancel or change) existing bookings.

• To see the amounts saved as a result of using Whizar's system

(as a way for managers to evaluate the product's profitability).

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